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Tips For Calming Teen Anxiety

Between getting good grades, building a social life, navigating technology and social media, and coping with the rapid changes that come with puberty, teens have a lot to deal with! Sometimes, the pressure becomes too much – and that’s when the anxiety takes over. Here at the OC Psychology Center, we know that when teens get overwhelmed with anxiety and worry, the entire family can be affected. 

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How Can I Help My Child Manage Anxiety?

Childhood anxiety is one of the most common reasons parents bring their children into our office here at the OC Psychology Center.  Although accurate assessment and psychotherapeutic treatment are the most effective way to address pediatric anxiety symptoms, there are a number of things parents and siblings can do at home to help manage anxiety symptoms.

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This is Your Brain on Anxiety

When you feel stressed and overwhelmed in life, your brain works overtime to try to keep up.  Even everyday stressors such as paying bills, performing well at work, and keeping your family happy and healthy can certainly put you under a great deal of pressure.  Although psychotherapy is the most effective method for overcoming anxiety, there are ways that you can cope on your own! Since anxiety can be traced back to stress, fear, and worry, let’s break it down so that you can choose coping strategies based on your area of greatest need.

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