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Is ADHD Causing Your Teen's Emotional Outbursts?

Life as a teenager can be pretty demanding. Keeping up grades, watching out for acne, managing a growing social reputation, and preparing for the grand adult transition can certainly take an emotional toll. Often teens with ADHD work extra hard to maintain focus and use appropriate behavior at school and work, which can lead to emotional “unloading” and attention dysregulation when they are home. While therapy may be the best option for a teen with ADHD, parents and family members can help by modifying the environment at home in a way that supports emotion regulation in teens with ADHD. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

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How To Help Teens with ADHD Be More Productive

When school is out, or the weekend is here, teens (particularly those with ADHD) tend to collapse into a puddle of poor productivity. Homework and chores fall low on their list of priorities – much lower than the beloved phone, social media, and video games. As grades diminish and the to-do list piles up over time, parents tend to lose hope and patience with their teens. We know how many symptoms of ADHD make this problem worse for teens, acting as productivity killers for even the most motivated and dedicated teenagers.  Let’s dive in to what the Top 5 Productivity Killers look like and what you as a teen or parent can do about them.   

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5 Ways for Parents to Help Kids with ADHD Get More Done

As a parent, you may feel lost, overwhelmed, and unsure how to best help your child succeed academically.  Your child may have a difficult time completing (or bringing home) their homework.  They may struggle with staying on-task, frequently moving on to other activities before finishing their chores. Although we always recommend getting professional assessment and treatment for children with ADHD symptoms, there are also ways that parents can help. 

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